Meet HelloMaaS, Marketing as a Service platform


HelloMaaS builds the future of work in marketing. It’s our goal to become the 'Moneyball for Marketing', a data driven way to connect and manage the fast growing freelancer community into flexible teams based on skill, personality and performance data. Companies can tap into deep know-how and execution power when needed. We bring structure in the marketing jungle with a turn-key platform.

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Louise Doorn

Founder & CEO


After a global marketing career working for Fortune 500 CMO's, being a CMO at a Series D backed startup, I jumped on the opportunity to create a better and smarter way of working in marketing. I moved back after 7 years in New York City to start HelloMaaS in Amsterdam in 2019. I also advise and invest in other startups and host the HelloMasters podcast where I talk with CMO's and CEO's.

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